12V Digital Tachometer Gauge 95mm Dial Red Light Auto Car Engine Speed Meter

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This tachometer is easy to install, but we strongly recommend professional installation. This unit is designed for most DC 12V vehicles to upgrade their measurement to be accurate and faster. Its measurement range can reach to 0-8000RPM and adjustable among 2x1000 to 8x1000RPM.


- Color: Black/White.
- Product material:Plastic
- Size: 9.5x9.3x11cm
- Measurement range:0-8000RPM
- Product voltage: 12V
- Unit conversion of pressure value: 1mpa = 300in-hg = 145psi
- Diameter: 95mm / 3.75 inch
- Wiring installation mode: The red power supply for positive, black power supply for negative, green for speed signal line.
- Further upgrade machine core, the pressure measurement is more accurate and faster.
- Easy to install, simple wiring and non-destructive installation.
- Beautiful appearance, circular polishing outer ring, colorful LED LCD display, pleased to eyes.
- 12V general type tachometer, applicable to most models.
- Clear dual display and numerical accuracy, temperature range can reach to 0-8000RPM.
- Mounting a fixed 45 degrees rotary mounting base.
- Easy to change among 2x1000 to 8x1000RPM.