Trunk Buddy Strap

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A safety trunk/hatch lid holder, the Trunk Buddy strap provides a consistent security system which outperforms bungee cords and homemade alternatives, which will prove risky for the driver, the vehicle cargo, and others on the road.

The precision engineered Swiss made Trunk Buddy meets global performance standards set by TUV - the European safety and performance testing agency.

Drive with confidence knowing oversized cargo will not shift or worse—break free from the vehicle.

The Trunk Buddy protects your cargo while at the same time avoiding any liability for damages to life and property of others. It also allows the safe travel of cargo with zero concerns for scratches and dents to the vehicle finish.

Using the Trunk Buddy requires only one person to secure the top and bottom locking mechanisms while sizing the webbing to a taut position.  

Proudly made in the USA.

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